the Deep

The Total Environment Simulator (TES), based at The Deep aquarium, is a large state-of-the-art experimental facility designed for modelling environmental fluid and sediment dynamics in a wide range of settings and conditions. The facility consists of a flume tank, which is 16 m-long, 6 m-wide and 2 m-deep, where experiments can be conducted with apparatus to control the movement of water, above, below and within sediment beds - the TES can generate waves, rainfall and water flows. The TES also has a state-of-the-art integrated suite of high-resolution monitoring equipment to measure processes, and rates of process, and the shapes of evolving landforms. In summary the TES is designed to provide a flexible modelling environment that can be configured to simulate a wide variety of environmental conditions - from seabeds on Earth to hillslopes on Mars.

Total Environment Simulator at The Deep used for modelling bedform development.